Conduit of Mind

Bond of extreme focus. It allows its wearer to maintain spellcasting ability past the point of normal exhaustion.

Conduit of Mind is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.


Conduit of Mind Effect

  • Grants +33% Focus.
  • Allows greater total Fatigue, down to 1/3 Stamina instead of the normal 1/2.



Where to Find Conduit of Mind




  • The focus exhaustion of the player won't go below 1/3 of his bar.




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    • Anonymous

      Ah, so the ring actually gives you extra focus based on a fraction of your stamina pool ? Cheech, why not describing it this way, dear devs ? +facepalm+When I first encountered it I tried it on and was phazed that it seemingly did nothing at all... really unnecessary confusion in this one !

      • Anonymous

        "Locks minimum stamina to one third of stamina." Had to find out from other players that it actually gives you Focus at 1/3 stamina, not 1/3 stamina.

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