Bloodluster's Ring

A grisly ring bearing an eye similar to that of the Salt Seeker's Ring. But while one ring searches for lost hope, this ring seeks endless bloodshed.

Bloodluster's Ring is a Ring in Salt and Sanctuary.


Bloodluster's Ring Effect

  • Causes wearer's attacks to more frequently reduce foes to bloody chunks.



Where to Find Bloodluster's Ring

  • Ziggurat of Dust in the area accessed with the Redshift Brand. You'll have to make a leap of faith to a platform you can't see from above (but you can figure out where it is from below).



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    • Anonymous

      Seems to me the intended way to get to this ring was to use the upside-down gravity to jump-gravity-revert like you did outside of the front entrance to Castle of Storms to get the Shockstones & Salt there. It's not hard. The leap of faith method isn't hard either of course, but I just hadn't seen this method mentioned yet by anyone.

      • Anonymous

        easiest way to grab it: from Ziggurat sanctuary go left, jump down where big bad wolf is :-) pass red wall with a torch. Now jump big gap using dash jump (jump then roll button) turn back and fall down from the edge. While falling keep your direction button/stick to the left to slightly adjust gravity falling direction and you will land exactly on that ring.

        • Anonymous

          This ring actually slightly increases your attack speed. I tried it with slow hitting greataxe/hammer, with this ring and that speed charm increases your attack speed from slow hit to slightly faster then normal.

          • Anonymous

            There's much easier way to get it, no fiddling with gravity or leaps of faith required (kinda):

            • Anonymous

              It is in the ziggurat of dust, after you have the dash rune and red wall rune, go left and down from the sanctuary there. You'll come across a red wall and you'll have to go through a number of large gaps that youll need the dash rune for. Follow the path sticking to the left and you'll eventually reach an anti gravity pillar, use it and continue through the passage through which it leads untill you see a platform below you (from your character's perspective it would be above) jump on it (under it) and use your dash to traverse the bottom of the platforms till you reach a gap where you see 2 gravity regulators facing each other. From the lowest (highest) platform jump through the gravity regulators and you will land on a platform with the ring.

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