Determines the likelihood of items dropping.

Drop Rate = 25 + 3*Willpower

Drop Possibility of a given item = (Drop Rate * Drop Chance) / 100

Drop Chance is the number presented next to the enemies' item drop.


Affected by:


Jester's Crown

Guide's Cap

Kismet Stone

Brightcoral Ring (via increased Willpower)

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    • Anonymous

      so whoever wrote this article, or did this math, got it very very wrong, at my current drop rate of 106 the math is 106/(106+200)*10/100 for a lords order from the split swordsman, which has a 10% chance of dropping that item that math equation comes out to 0.034, or 3.4% chance to drop, to reach the stated drop rates you would need an _infinite_ amount of willpower, as the ability to reach 0.1, or 10% has a limit of infinity, for example if why jack up our drop rate to 1 trillion, which only requires a measly 333,333,333,325 willpower would give you, 9.999999998% drop chance, whatever the math for drop rates are in this game, this is not it, no variation or changing of the built in numbers gets this math to make any sense with the list drop rates.

      • Anonymous

        Overkilling seems to decrease the drop rate dramatically. I killed over 70 blade wraiths(50hp) with an obsidian pillar(about 150 attack) and not a single rib dropepd with 106 drop rate. After switching weapons to a woodsman's axe(33 attack), I got 3 ribs in a row.

        • Anonymous

          Secret combination for hidden safe in the mysterious dragons belly. All you have to do is to find out which enemy type was eaten last.

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