Determines the likelihood of items dropping.

Drop Rate = 25 + 3*Willpower

Drop Possibility of a given item = (Drop Rate * Drop Chance)/100 where drop chance is the number presented next to the enemies' item drop.


Affected by:


Jester's Crown

Kismet Stone

Brightcoral Ring (via increased Willpower)

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    • Anonymous

      02 Nov 2019 15:33  

      Overkilling seems to decrease the drop rate dramatically. I killed over 70 blade wraiths(50hp) with an obsidian pillar(about 150 attack) and not a single rib dropepd with 106 drop rate. After switching weapons to a woodsman's axe(33 attack), I got 3 ribs in a row.

      • Anonymous

        09 Jan 2018 14:55  

        Secret combination for hidden safe in the mysterious dragons belly. All you have to do is to find out which enemy type was eaten last.

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