This stat makes it possible to 'Tank' hits so-to-speak. It allows you to take a hit and still continue with your actions without interruption, the higher this number the more hits you can take, depending on the enemy aswell.

An armor's Balance can be increased with upgrading, though the effect is not shown on the armor piece itself.

To calculate the maximum Balance a piece of armor will have, take the base Balance and add 94.6% onto it. Round the tenth decimal according to the hundredth; that is the Balance at the maximum upgrade (VII).

Example: Palatine Chainmail has 10 Balance at base (unupgraded). 10 + 10(.946) translates into 10 + 9.46, which equals 19.46 If you round 19.46's tenth, it rounds up to 19.5. Thus we see that the Palatine Chainmail will have 19.5 Balance at the maximum upgrade (VII).

    • 01 Mar 2017 23:23  

      "Did some testing, and apparently upgrading a piece of armor also increases the balance stat of that piece although it doesnt show that on the item itself."

      This is interesting and coincides with my equation for upgrading armor. Basically, you take the base Defense, whether it's Strike, Slash, Arcane, Holy, etc. and you add 94.6%. Round the tenth according to the hundredth and you've got the stats from maximum upgrading (VII).

      25 + 94.6% == 25 + 23.65
      25 + 23.65 = 48.65

      Round the tenth up since >=5 rounds up, and you've got 48.7 Balance
      This should be applicable on all pieces of armor as well, whether Light or Heavy, Helm or Boot, etc.
      This is phenomenal information that should be more readily available to know.

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