• Under 25% - Fastest Roll

• Between 25% to 75% - Varied Medium Roll

• Over 75% - Slow Roll 

Equip Load = 35 + 1.5*Endurance

Equip load also affects run speed and jump distance.

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    • I’m pretty sure having under 50% makes you move quicker then having under 75% Different from souls, one thing, is that your equip load effects more then just the ROLL. It also effects how quickly you run. Just based off observation. It’s pretty obvious. It changes a lot more frequently then Souls. Every percentage I seem to be able to shred speeds up my walking speed..

      • Anonymous

        How to recognize a bad page:
        The author writes of an opinion as a fact.
        Write down the side effects of going full heavy armour.
        I've been "land-whaling" since the start as you call it, and there's nothing bad about it.
        Dodging and rolling works fine, the shield blocks most damage.

        I would really like it if you didn't write of your own inexperience as facts of bad gameplay in general guides

        • Anonymous

          ye so if i ever want to wear the godliest heavy armor i need to get level quadrillion to invest into endurance ? there is only one ring giving me endurance and thats quite frankly painful.

          • Anonymous

            Jesus Christ I had such a problem with bosses when I used armour and shield so in frustration I just took everything off except my two handed sword and I get through the area and boss bloody flawlessly! (its the cyclops one and the forest area

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