Dart brand


Dart brand is a Brand in Salt and Sanctuary.


A word of power carried in a brand. Bearing the brand grants its owner power over impetus. Wear this brand to gain the ability to perform the Mid-Air Dash feat (press [rt] while airborne).





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    • Anonymous

      Because the brand is missable permanently i suspect the game automatically gifts it to you. At what point i don't know. I just now i haven't gotten to the Dried King but instead used a dagger flip combo to jump over the gaps in pitchwoods and somewhere after that i just tried to dash mid-air by force of habit. I was very surprised its too bad i don't have it on video to prove this.

      • Anonymous

        I just start to use the power of the brand trying to use the longer jump in the shrine near the lake. Wtf?

        • Anonymous

          This system is garbage. It sometimes doesn't work. either if you hit the roof with your head, and sometimes completely arbitrary. This game is half finished, could have been a great game, but it's flaws are glaring.

          • Anonymous

            I just got the brand somehow after long jumping to some later areas like ziggurat and the red dragon boss place. I had just beaten the witch and was proceeding as normal to get the brand passing thru hagers when in the poison area i triggered it getting hit as a mage. i have no idea how it happened but i HAVE NOT beaten the king dude OR spoken to the brand guy, I cant yet cuz i needed tge red and invis torch

            • Anonymous

              The brand will be permanently missable if you manage to kill the bloodless prince first then proceed to the ruins then kill the coveted there. If these are done before killing the dried king, then the Npc will not be there at the top to give out the brand.

              • Anonymous

                After you defeat the dried king in the ziggurat of dust, there will be a nice man that will imbue you with the dash ability. Go left from the sanctuary and proceed upwards.

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