Askaria is a monarchy that conquered Markdor and created an empire across several continents. They are therefore one of the most powerful countries in the Salt and Sanctuary world and are most likely the most similar to a typical medieval England setting, which is reinforced by their healing items. They are known to brutally torment their captives, as shown by the Red Hall of Cages, a notorious dungeon in Askaria.

They created the New Gods, a.k.a. The Three, in order to replace Devara worship. However, The Three are no longer gods, having fallen from their power and become The Forgotten King, mere husks who are fully controlled by The Nameless God. The Nameless God actually answers the prayers of all those who are praying to The Three.

They are also at war with Tristin, and therefore the player character was most likely going between Askaria and Tristin to propose a marriage alliance when they are overrun by marauders and shipwrecked. That would probably place the mysterious island in the very center of the world map, when corroborating the information from the Nomad, who was sailing from Taenibir to Kar'hi as a stowaway when he was also shipwrecked, and the Black Sands Sorcerer, who was sailing from Kulka'as to Liven, both routes that go very near the center of the world map.

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    • Anonymous

      Based on Askarian Scutum, they are very like antique Roman Empire, at least in military field. Scutum mean basicaly shield in latin, it also look like roman republic army shield.

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