The Burning Clouds is a piece of Story and Lore found in the Tree of Skill.

What follows is the Prophecy of Burning Clouds, a vision of Kira the Blind, seer of Kens and Greenfarm, a village in the region of Liven. When the world burns, it will not be by the hands of kings or gods or demons, but by the hand of a shunned assassin. His station would be that of a servant in scullery, and his days and nights would be spent scrubbing pans and poisoning rats. And he would meet death early, but not by ordinary means. He would be waylaid by bandits and sold as property to a sorcerer of blood magic.

  • The Burning Clouds, 1:1-5


And in the sorcerer's hut, which hid in a mire feared by careful men, the sorcerer would make rituals of blood magic and Salt Alkymancy, perversions of the order of life itself.

  • The Burning Clouds, 1:6


And the scullery servant's chest would be hewn, and his heart would be taken, that the sorcerer's rituals could be made complete.

  • The Burning Clouds, 1:7


And the servant's body will be wrapped in linens and covered in balms, to preserve for burial.

  • The Burning Clouds, 1:8


But the next morning, the body of the servant will be nowhere to be found.

  • The Burning Clouds, 1:9


Spirits of the sea will have rescued him, and have brought him to the sea, and have exchanged dead salt for living salt, so that his life will made new, though his heart will be gone still. And his body would be made strong by salt not of this world, for his will would become fiercer than any man, though he would lack a heart in his chest. And in undeath, by salt not of this world, he would gain mastery of blade and body. And he would shed his name, knowing only vengeance and justice.

  • The Burning Clouds, 1:10-13


And his fate would be the same as of old, and he would again be captured and slaughtered, his heart taken by wicked practitioners of blood magic and Salt Alkymancy, though they would be known by different names in this time. And in this time he will have a sister not of blood, and she will become enthralled by blood magic and Salt Alkymancy, and he will slay her in battle.

  • The Burning Clouds, 3:1-2


And in this time the practitioners of blood magic and Salt Alkymancy will have enthralled most men, having built towers of metal and light that capture Fire and Sky.

  • The Burning Clouds, 3:3


And he will ascend the towers of metal and light, and he will slay the practitioners of blood magic and Salt alkymancy, and he will slay their thralls and constructs. And his companion will be flesh made of the spirits of the sea, an agent of salt not of this world, taking form of a scullery cook. But they will discover that the evil that came of blood magic and Salt Alkymancy had spread into the very soil, poisoning the world to its very core. And so servant and cook will usher in the end of the world, in burning clouds.

  • The Burning Clouds, 3:6-7


These are things I, Kira the Blind, have seen, seeing not things of this time, but of a time to come.

  • The Burning Clouds, 3:8


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