The Cat King is a piece of Story and Lore found in the Tree of Skill.


Many regard the sight of a cat to be a sign of good fortune. Most of the time, they are right. But one particular land knows only fear of cats and the trouble they bring, should one come home with them.

  • The Cat King, pg. 1.


For a time, the man and the silver cat kept each other warm. The shack kept out most of the rain and wind. But soon, the man fell ill and could no longer leave his bed. He could no longer leave the shack.

  • The Cat King, pg 4.


For a time, the silver cat kept the heiress' children happy. But as the children grew, their interests shifted from toys and games to hunting and courtship, and the grew bored of the cat.

  • The Cat King, pg. 10.


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