The Annals of Grimsen are a piece of Story and Lore found in the Tree of Skill.


Having reached accord, the 16 knights of no banner were ready to embark on their quest. But first, a symbolic gesture would occur.

  • Annals of Grimsen, pg. 17.

They carried with them provisions for 30 days' travel, 18 poultices of mending, and other linens and salves as recommended by Zenia the healer.

  • Annals of Grimsen, pg. 18.

Second was Kesh Graydaughter, the Bloody Blade. She wielded a tachi, an exotic weapon from the south. Third was Kert, son of Kormen. He cherished little more than his hefty Kureimoa, which he named Slaughtersong. Fourth was Garkil, the Relentless. He lacked skill at dueling, but true to his name, he excelled at skillessly battering his foes into submission.

  • Annals of Grimsen, pg. 20-22.

Suddenly, Ardiana gasped. In the woods, in the flicker of campfire, there were faces. A dozen faces. More. A hundred. The woods were alive, and they were not pleased. Kert swung his hefty Kureimoa Slaughtersong at the ghastly creature, cleaving it from shoulder to gut.

  • Annals of Grimsen, pg. 71-72.

Kesh Graydaughter slashed at the revenant. Her tachi carved through the monster's leathery flesh one, two, three times, filling the air with clouds of ancient, putrid dust.

  • Annals of Grimsen, pg. 92.

The sky above the Citadel had become a dark, unnatural purple. Clouds shrouded the structure, intermittently illuminated by glows from the top.

  • Annals of Grimsen, pg. 150.

It rose before them like some grim obelisk. The 16 knights of no banner were now only 7, but each man's resolve had grown only stronger. The citadel would fall, and with it, the dark arcana it harbored.

  • Annals of Grimsen, pg. 151.

Their party was now 4: Grimsen, Planne, Kesh, and Kert. But the end was in sight. The Citadel! They bolted up the stairs!

  • Annals of Grimsen, pg. 175.

Held by dark magick, Grimsen could only watch as Planne charged the faceless mage. The room exploded in fire and blood, and then Grimsen saw nothing.

  • Annals of Grimsen, pg. 211.


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