The Tiching Codex is a piece of Story and Lore found in the Tree of Skill.


The arcana, codified by the Elders of Fire and Sky, detail the methods and practice of the formidable wielder of the supernatural.

  • Tiching Codex pg. 1:3.


The actual conjuration of magic is split into two categories, defined by their methods of conjuration: spells and incantations.

  • Tiching Codex pg 5:13


A spell differs from an incantation in that it requires not only the spoken word, but a physical conduit to shape the powers drawn from fire and sky.

  • Tiching Codex pg. 12:2


A conduit has the following properties: it must adhere to the shape of a rod, it must be longer than an arm length, and it must be made of or weave in magically attuned material.

  • Tiching Codex pg. 12:17


Magically attuned material is material that lies partially within the ethereal fabric, such as saltwood, or the remains of a magical creature.

  • Tiching Codex pg. 12:18


Channeling Fire and Sky through a physical conduit has one alarming side effect: elemental imbalance. Fire and Sky are like two sides of an intangible dimension, and attuning oneself too heavily in one direction or the other can be dangerous, even fatal.

  • Tiching codex pg. 12:20


While trinkets and charms can reduce the effects of elemental imbalance, master mages actually embrace the dangerous effect, using it to amplify the power of their spells and incantations.

  • Tiching Codex pg. 12:27


A one-handed conduit can be more difficult to master, but frees a hand of the wielder.

  • Tiching Codex pg. 17:1


Of course, wielding one conduit in each hand could never work: a verbal spell command cannot be conjured through more than one conduit.

  • Tiching Codex pg. 17:2


The skilled dual wielder uses blade and wand in combat, distracting foes with blade, to make vulnerable to elemental attack fro the dual wielder's conduit.

  • Tiching codex pg 17:5


The challenge of dual wielding lies in the feat of the mind: the dual wielder must skillfully interact simultaneously with the physical and the ethereal.

  • Tiching codex pg 17:9


An incantation requires only the spoken word to be conjured, provided the conjurer possesses the proper elemental link to the ethereal fabric of Fire and Sky.

  • Tiching Codex pg. 20:3.


Incantations require complex focus of both mind and body: the fabric of Fire and Sky is more difficult to grasp with no conduit, but the highly attuned mage can feel its threads in all things.

  • Tiching Codex pg. 20:5


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