A Lord's Orders

A lord's Orders

Sealed combat orders delivered from a lord. They would have been held by a knight or officer. Its memories can be used by a blacksmith to upgrade weapons.

 A Lord's Orders is a Material item in Salt and Sanctuary.


A Lord's Orders Effect

  • Use to upgrade weapons at a Blacksmith
  • Upgrades weapons from IV to V and from V to VI



Where to Find A Lord's Orders


  • Pitchwoods: (x3) Surrounded by four Impaled Knights
  • Salt Alkymancery: (x3) After a vertical disappearing-and-reappearing platforming segment
  • Crypt of the Dead Gods: (x3) In a room between two Gravewalkers
  • Crypt of the Dead Gods: (x3) In a treasure chest in an area to the right of the room in the previous point





  • One of the best places to farm these is in Mal's Floating Castle. From the sanctuary, go left and then take the stairs up to a room with a Crypt Keeper. Kill him, Calling Horn back to the sanctuary and repeat. Characters with high damage output can make this run in about 20 seconds, which yields 6050 salt (with Leader and Grasping Ring) with a decent chance to drop A Lord's Orders or rarely A King's Orders.




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    • Anonymous

      Actually, the best spot is definitely Crypt of the Dead Gods: reach the shrine before the non-optional boss. Rest, jump down, kill enemy, bell, repeat. It takes 1-2 seconds to get to the enemy.

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