A Soldier's Poem

A Soldier's Poem

A soldier's thoughts of happiness and longing in a time of desperation. Its memories can be used by a blacksmith to upgrade weapons.

 A Soldier's Poem is a Material item in Salt and Sanctuary.


A Soldier's Poem Effect

  • Upgrade weapons at a Blacksmith
  • Used to upgrade weapons from II to III and III to IV



Where to Find A Soldier's Poem



  • Watching Woods: On a branch in one of the trees
  • Sunken Keep: In the dark room to the right of the door which requres the Mossy Key to open
  • Castle of Storms: (x3) On a platform near and below the sanctuary
  • Red Hall of Cages: In a small outside area accessed through a wooden door on the left side of the screen, in an area with many enemies
  • Hager's Cavern: Towards the bottom, on a platform near a Hunting Bones
  • Ruined Temple: By two sets of gates





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