• Im currently on NG+ and this guy hits really hard. The easy strategy I found was using a upgraded tower shield (not max) since it blocks almost 100% of his shots and atacks. The opening is when he shoots to the air and when he jump atacks above you since he will be standing with his backs to you. Take one hit at a time and always have your shield raised, it consumes almost no stamina blocking.In phase 2 try heal/buff weapon instead of taking one atack when you have a opening. This boss really needs patience since 1/2 shots of his pistol in quick sucession will most likely kill you.

    • 18 Jan 2017 01:59  

      This is what I did: (Im a Hunter btw)
      Get the holy pages and attack him face to face. While not the fanciest of startegies. Whenever he pulls his gun you have enough time to roll, hit him from behind and roll again before he shoots again or uses his cutlass. You have to be fast, refill the page and heal quickly because if you stop for too long it will just be a never-ending combo until you die.

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