That Stench Most Foul

That Stench Most Foul


NG+7 9,500


14.010 Gold

14,000 Salt

NG+7 324,240 Salt

That Stench Most Foul's Tooth

Strike 250 Fire -50
Slash 50 Lightning 50
Poise 100 Poison 90
Block 0 Holy -50
Block Damage 0 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

That Stench Most Foul is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Putrescent lord of the Mire of Stench. This hideous, foul creature is said to have emerged from an alchemical experiment once conducted by a Woodswraith alchemist with more ambition than caution. The creature was small at first, but upon eating its creator, not only did it grow, but it learned of its love of human flesh."


  • Mire of Stench: You must trigger a switch on the top left of the area to open the door to the boss, also on the top left.
  • Coordinates: X:20563.05 Y:24250.69}
  • Boss Flags: Redshift Rune teacher is after this boss.


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Poison, AOE, projectiles
  • Weak vs: Fire and Holy Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike
  • Summons Stenchpods

Phase 1

  • Summons small heads that attack you - also causes small poison cloud around summoned Stenchpod 
  • Spits a poison cloud
  • Occasionally, if you're nearby, it'll puff up and have spines extend out of its body.
  • Also has a melee attack consisting of 2 swipes with his arms, but does so very rarely.

Phase 2

  • Attacks do not change.


Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes

  • Craft with drop: Adder Fang and Mephitic Arquebus
  • If you're able to get Fire or Holy damage added to your weapons, do so. TSMF is such a large boss and feels like one of the more simple bosses in the game, especially when using its weakness elements. With a Seawolf Cutlass with extra elemental damage thrown on, TSMF's HP plummeted in seconds.



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