Controls for Salt and Sanctuary are shown below.

The controls are rather intuitive and simple to follow.

PS4 Controls:

PC Controls:

 Default PC Key Mapping

Additional Controls:

  • Holding R2 (default) while descending a ladder will allow your character to slide down the ladder.
  • To parry, press Square (Attack) while holding L2 (Blocking). When parry is successful a red Circle icon will appear infront of the enemy, press Circle before it dissapears to deal major damage.
  • Press X and R2 to perform a longer jump, use joystick in direction to jump even further.  Be careful, if you don't do this correctly, it is easy to accidentally roll off a ledge!
  • Circle (O) opens secret doors.

Gameplay Tips:

  • Practice dodge rolling with the R2 to take advantage of invincibility frames similar to the Dark Souls franchise.
  • Using your Creed's health restore item is a very quick animation, don't hesitate to use it during an intense fight.
  • You are able to jump and stay mid-air for as long as you are attacking which can create new combat strategies.

To change the key mapping on PS4

  1. Setting Menu
  2. Accesibility
  3. Button Assignments
  4. Enable Custom Button Assignments (Checkmark)
  5. Once you put the checkmark there will be a new option called: Customize Button Assignments
  6. You are now able to make all changes needed. Don't forget to confirm changes.

To change the key mapping on the PC

  1. Setting Menu (or on launch of game before resuming start of play)
  2. Options
  3. Game
  4. Controls
  5. Remap Keys

Keep in mind these changes will apply to all games.

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