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    • Co-op14 Sep 2016 08:37  

      Has anyone figured out a way of playing multiplayer yet? I've heard that moonlight let's you trick hotseat games into thinking you're both playing from the same computer, but I'm wondering if anyone can A) test/confirm this and B) if there's any alternatives.

      • Dark Soul + 2D + Platformer = Salt and Sacntuary22 May 2016 14:05  

        The best action - platformer game I played so far. It combines "Dark Soul" element with platformer perfectly. I think some of Bloodborne element also take part too. The battle system, the mechanic and the "bonfire" system is pretty similar to Dark Soul. A must have games for DS fan. It's just like Dark Soul but you can jump.

        • Well done and constructive criticism11 Apr 2016 10:51  

          I have to say this is the best 2D game i have ever played in my life and the only game that I've new game plused. With that said i would like to point out a few bugs and glitches. If the 2nd player does not have the shadow flip brand and you open the bridge door far right of castle the theif will dissappear and make that characters single player game useless and has to be deleted. In the mire before a stench most foul you can hop through the floot and bypass the knight and 3 bugs. If you dont follow the story to the letter of the way its outlined you ruin any and all chances of getting to know the story of the island and the npcs and i have to say its really easy to mess it up, like falling into the bloodless prince via far beach. I love the open world concept, but going off the beaten path shouldnt be punished by taking out all further dialog till you enter the still castle. All that aside this is a truelly amazing game and is far more valuable then the meager 17$ thats asked for it.

          • jbullet8810 Apr 2016 19:50  

            mmy psn id is jbullet88. I'm almost al level 300. I have all trophies n this game... if anyone ever needs help with the game u can add me and I will assist u as much as I can.. I have bin threw the game with a single character up to 4 times. he a brick ***** house. add me :)

            • I hate [s]this game[/s] myself :-)10 Apr 2016 13:37  

              Lost 134k salt just now :-P would have been 8 levels.<br/>Own fault. Since I knew there was a sanctuary near but decided to keep going towards a lever.<br/>Mourning for the next few hours.

              • thank you James and Michelle, I couldn't ask for more!27 Mar 2016 17:01  

                I just wanted to thank you guys, I'm sure there is all types of stuff out there that makes you cringe to read and me as well because I love everything about S&S! Truly and Im playing through 3 different saves to try Everything because it's amazing! I especially like the flintrazor :) I don't know if you've head it from anyone else but it seems that 2 handing it with a charm and firing eats the charm? or it happens when I quit then load the save I'm not quite sure. But I love this game enough to test at the expense of my charms, I got NG+!;) I love this game too much to let it bother me at all. You guys are hero's to me never stop doing what you do! And I'll go find out what I can and maybe find the exact reason to save you guys time!

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