PS4 and PC players can enjoy Salt and Sanctuary with their friends and loved ones via the Local Co-Op which supports 2 players. Information regarding the PS Vita release is TBC.


How to Multiplayer / Co-op in Salt and Sanctuary?

To connect a second player:

  • The primary player must go to their Sanctuary, and make an Offering of a Stone Sellsword at the altar. 
  • Placing the sellsword statue on the altar will summon a Sellsword.
  • Telling the sellsword that you’d like to “Hire” prompts a second player to pick up a controller.
  • This player now gets to pick anyone in his or her roster, jump in, and get jolly! (NOTE: In order for the game to recognize the second player on the PS4, they have to have already made a character in a guest or second account on the same PS4.)
  • There are no level or NG+ restrictions for co-op partners. You can summon your level 300 character as a sellsword for a new player or vice-versa.


How does Multiplayer / Co-Op affect my gameplay?

  • Enemy HP is scaled up a hefty bit, and enemies will do a little extra damage.
  • Prayers of healing aid cooperative players within a radius.
  • PvP can be initiated almost anywhere.
  • If A Cooperator has a key to open a door they can open the door early for the host. (NOTE: It is possible to "break" the host's game by bypassing checkpoints related to NPCs, like the Despondent Thief, etc.)
  • Gold Dropped by all enemies and bosses is not shared, whoever picks it up gets the gold.
  • Item Drops from enemies grant a copy to each player.
  • Found items or treasure grant salt to the sellsword if already acquired by the Sellsword in their world.
  • Sellswords will not receive quest rewards given by NPCs.
  • Sellswords can't pick up keys or special progression items.
  • Sellswords can't pick up top-level crafting materials (Shimmering Pearl, Drowned Tome, etc. Any preset loot not obtained in the Sellsword's world will be forfeit)
  • Sellswords can't pick up found Black Pearls. (NOTE: Picking up a Black Pearl that the Sellsword has not found in their world will result in the loss of the item for them)
  • Sellswords can interact with and buy items from any vendor on the host world. (Creed that the Sellsword is not a member of aside from the starting three may not provide all services)
  • Sellswords cannot place their creed item nor give offerings at a sanctuary.
  • Sellswords cannot enter the endgame area after the final boss*.
  • Any brands the sellsword has in their world will be nulified to match the host world and vice versa, the sellsword gets the hosts brands

 *Jolly Co-Operation and Endgame

It is possible, when fighting the final boss co-operatively, that the host might die. Should this occur, sellswords will be able to enter the endgame area.

What does this mean for you?

  • Sellswords cannot end the game by initiating the final conversation with the Scarecrow NPC
  • However, sellswords CAN initiate the other final cutscene of the game
  • This will provide the ending of the game for the sellsword character, as opposed to the character to whom the world belongs
  • Following the endgame, the host character will be placed immediately into the next New Game cycle
  • Should the sellsword character initiate the final ending, exiting the program will prevent the game from finishing and entering the next cycle, HOWEVER this comes at the cost of any salt held by the host (needs confirmation). In addition, the final boss will be restored to life.

How to PvP?

Crushing an egg in the universe of Salt is a tradition of war, meant to signify the commencement of battle. As such, 

  • Crushing an Egg of Wrath immediately initiates PvP.
  • Once battle has begun, it cannot end until someone dies.
  • The fallen companion will be found alive and well in the next sanctuary you visit.


    • 11 Jan 2017 00:46  

      You CAN play online Co-op on PC, but we had to use a program called Remotr. Same concept as Nvidia's sharing program. All the instructions are on the website, and it requires some port forwarding to work. Our only issue was initially, both of us controlled one character. Using a gamepad can alleviate this, although the gamepad had to be player 2. You may have different results, but it does work with a bit of effort.

      • 01 Dec 2016 03:34  

        Sorry for double... I see here many messages about items sharing... Let's discuss! Sellswords like phantoms in DS. They are just mercenaries interested in salt and gold, not in your passthrough on your own way, so why they should be interested in any key-items which helpes you to pass in your own world (like in DS). People chases their own purposes, not yours.

        • 25 Nov 2016 16:34  

          Thanks to the retarded devs, it is impossible to join with keyboard as player 2. And there are reports on the forum, the moronic devs just won't bother with fixing this, so either player 1 learns to use keyboard and mouse or you just have to buy another controller. ***** these people, really.

          • co op wtf11 Sep 2016 07:07  

            why the hell is player 2 limited? what is the reason, can you guys just make it the same for each player. particularly the black pearls, and endgame crafting mats. like seriously wtf sort of design decision is that. quest rewards... I dunno i specifically bought this for co op and its like oh great one of us has to be hindered. or both of us, if we have to continually open and close games, swapping the "host" (on PC btw).

            • Final Boss14 Jul 2016 11:22  

              Actually, if the host dies during the final bossfight, the Sellsword CAN enter the endgame area and reach the ending! At least in the PS4 version. You still probably can't speak to the Scarecrow, so you are locked into the Salvation ending.

              • Co-Op needs alot of patching09 Jul 2016 03:18  

                I play on a main account myself and a Co-Op account for playing with a friend on the PS4 version.<br/>I occassionally use my main character to help him bypass various areas or bosses - and of course this causes problems with keys and items.<br/>I've missed out of the Mossy Key and nearly missed out on the Key that allows access to the Disembowled Husk which nearly brokem my progression.<br/>There are also alot of minor bugs (minor bugs, yes, but alot of them add up to one frustrating mess) that really need patched. I'm not even sure if the PS4 version gets patched as frequently as the PC version, but I don't see why the key problem (and other items not spawning on P1 worlds) can't be fixed.<br/><br/>I love this game, but the bugs get more frustrating than bosses alot of the time.

                • Co-op Steam20 Jun 2016 13:04  

                  Please if anyone knows let me know how to do online coop on steam because there has to be a way since there is literary a join game button.<br/>So please respond if you know :D

                  • Co-op issues08 Jun 2016 16:02  

                    While I like the coop being there, I have to say WHY ISN'T THERE A SPLIT SCREEN OPTION, and WHY CAN'T SELLSWORDS GET CERTAIN ITEMS! Seriously, you're going through the quest TOGETHER - questline items, keys, brands... None of these should be limited to host only- there should be a check for whether or not the sellsword has the key items sure, but Black Pearls and the Quest Rewards aren't able to be gotten either? Come on. Then there's the whole thing my coop partner keeps complaining about- the camera is *****. If you get knocked one way while your sellsword is going the other, it ends up *****ing you both because neither can see. Make a Split Screen option, and this wouldn't be a problem in the slightest- I'm not sure why you chose the ***** option for couch coop in that regard, when most coop games encourage you to be able to separate when needed.

                    • Why no Black Pearls for Sellsword...02 Jun 2016 17:21  

                      This is a fairly minor issue, seeing as it's very easy to accumulate Black Pearls through leveling up, but I can't quite understand the design decision behind prohibiting sellswords from obtaining found Black Pearls. I can understand that it'd be overpowering if the sellsword has already obtained that Black Pearl in their world, but why have it where the sellsword would receive a Pouch of Salt in the host's world AND their world when they haven't picked it up yet? It seems like the sellsword would always be at a disadvantage stats-wise, unless if they go through the game by themselves first.

                      • PC Port18 May 2016 14:01  

                        Again someone release game where PC Version doesnt exists. You cannot play Coop on PC, prob. you have to have a dumb Console Controller! PC MASTER RACE!!!<br/>CONSOLES SHOULD NEVER BEEN CREATED!!!

                        • Pvp?07 May 2016 17:35  

                          I don't know if this is new or not but when you defile a sanctuary if another player walks into the sanctuary before the npcs are killed they are also able to be killed. I don't know if it turns them into an npc when they walk in but I've had it happen multiple times now. It seems like they run in and immediately stop moving so it could be turning them into an npc unless they're just not sure whats happening and thus stand around to watch.

                          • Screwed.01 May 2016 20:47  

                            Friend and I did co op and finished the game in 2 sessions. I have a lvl 122 toon at the beginning of the game and can't progress because jester won't give me brand. QQ

                            • coop sucks07 Apr 2016 21:39  

                              coop in this game sucks hard -.-<br/><br/>the host gets everything and the summoned char is screwed <br/>every important item turnes into something useless after a coop session <br/><br/>i really dont get it ... why cant both players get the items ? <br/><br/>2nd players game is pretty much screwed after a coop session

                              • Mad alchemist key06 Apr 2016 22:25  

                                Playing with a friend, after the mad alchemist I picked up the key to open the door past the woodswraith area. When i got into my game and got to that point the key turned into a bag of salt, preventing me from moving on.

                                • Online Multiplayer05 Apr 2016 18:59  

                                  I would love to see online multiplayer function. At the very least people on my friends list. My brother and friends live hours away, and I really want to explore the world with them. Local Co-Op was great in the 90s when we all lived in neighborhoods, but now days online play is where it's at. I hope you can create a patch or dlc content that allows such a function.

                                  • Drowned Tome01 Apr 2016 09:22  

                                    I was helping my sister through the ruined temple when we got to the order of betrayers I told her there was a rare item in a chest here. So I went and grabbed the drowned Tome for her and I just got salt. I went back to my game and I went to get it myself but instead I got a red shard. I was very confused. Anyone else have this problem?

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