Classes in Salt and Sanctuary determine the starting Equipment and what skills from the Skill Tree the player begins the game with. Main Stats are not affected by this choice and all Classes begin the game with 5 in each of the 6 Main Stats. There are currently 8 known classes.






    • 14 Jan 2017 13:45  

      one question.
      i started the game as a knight who obviously wears heavy armor
      i play with light armor and defeated the sixth boss. unfortunately i always pick up heavy armor.. what i pick up depends on the starting class doesnt it??? i got 0-4 class heavy armor in my inventory but only 0-1 class light armor

      • Reply22 Mar 2016 23:28  

        Nope, you don't get enough gray pearls in a single play through to drastically alter your stats. In higher levels you actually get quite a few powerful offensive prayers... you actually get a summon that does nasty damage.

        • Is there a way to completely change class19 Mar 2016 12:09  

          I started as a cleric thinking it would be like a cleric from dark souls with lightning bolts and the opportunity to wield dark power as well but after doing research I reliesed I couldn't do that and I should've been a Mage is I'm pretty far in the game and don't wanna restart is there any way to drastically switch classes

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