The Witch of the Lake

The Witch of the Lake


NG+7 10,400


12,010 Gold

12,000 Salt

NG+7 319,440 Salt

The Witch of the Lake's Ear

Strike 500 Fire -50
Slash 50 Lightning 50
Poise 100 Poison 50
Block 0 Holy -50
Block Damage 0 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

The Witch of the Lake is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Saira, one of two twins. The Witch of the Lake, guardian of the Salt Alkymancery, is a magic user of legend, an immensely powerful arcanist and alchemancer. Her black robes conceal a physical form that has been grotesquely disfigured by alchemy as obscure as it is dangerous."


  • Siam Lake: This is a small area, the boss is on the left side.
  • Coordinates: {X:55811.56 Y:30732.57}
  • Boss Flags: xx NPC / Merchant progress


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Ranged homing magic, close melee physical
  • Weak vs: Fire and Holy Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike Damage

Phase 1

  • The Witch will attack you using ranged spells mostly. It is advisable to have arcane-resist gear and a light build, as you would most likely fail at blocking, thus rolling and dodging away is imperative
  • Fireball barrage: She shoots tons of energy balls from her staff that can stagger, drain stamina and KO if caught off guard. It is recommended to stand below her as her melee attacks are far weaker(as in, cannot KO you) and this spell is easiest to dodge from this position.
  • Purple Arc: Shoots an amount of dark balls positioned on an arc to on of her sides which then follows the player which can KO if not avoided
  • If close to her for too long, she will melee hit downwards in an arc which she can combo into an uppercut launching you into the air
  • Shard Ball: Shoots a medium sized ball which after a second will explode and shoot shards that follow the player which can drain a shielder's stamina and KO afterwards.

Phase 2

  • She will stand still and casting for a brief second an arc of balls above her in which will then target and can KO you.

Melee Strategy Video


Player Notes


  • The Ashen Effigy Greatshield is the perfect shield to use if available as it has 100% resistance to arcane attacks, making it an ideal tool against her.
  • When fighting the Witch, Make sure to keep an eye on your arena space as this will benefit against the Shard ball and arcane barrage.
  • When avoiding the fireball barage from upclose, simply roll over to the other side of the Witch. If avoiding the Barage from a far distance, the balls will split into spaces that can be jumped over or rolled through (Rolling through still needs testing)
  • When avoiding the Shard ball, the best tactic so far is to run away whilst the shards are being shot at you as these will simply end up hitting the floor.  Dodging through the shard ball is not recommended as the invisibility timier inbetween will still get you considering the amount of shards fired from the ball
  • When avoiding the Purple arc, it is best to stay underneath her and looking where the arc is positioned, if to her left wait 1 second under her then run the opposite side of the balls as these can simply hit the floor.
  • When avoiding any range homing attack, do NOT jump as one projectile can possibly clip your character and KO if you are off-guard.
  • When fighting her, do NOT stay near the edge of the arena as she can simply leave from view and attack using any ability as this may KO you
  • It is possible to block her attacks with 100% arcane resist greatshields if you have enough stamina.
  • All of her attacks can be parried with reflect shields (like Mirror Shield) and i-frames on that move are long enough to make the rest of projectiles pass through you. You can also chain successful parry into roll.
  • Carsejaw The Cruel's armor set that is sold by the Nomad Trader after his defeat can provide a significant defense against her Arcane based attacks.


    • 25 May 2017 00:40  

      The way I beat her was poison spam. It was race against Health. If you ask me it was really effective, but risky. I died multiple (around 4) times, but managed to beat her.
      So here's my tips to this boss:
      1. Max Arcane Defense, both Shield and Armor (+ Ring). With my equipment I had 50% Arcane Resist (Mostly Nullifies Otherwise certain Deaths)
      2. Poison Build = Forestfang + Pessklaw (First forestfang when she approaches you and pessklaw when she spams her rapid fire)
      3. Run far away and Jump Block the Homing Shadow Burst Sphere of Nearly Certain Death (Only 1-3 Will hit you and your shield will block the damage at least mostly)
      4. Dodge the other homing spheres where multiple are cast at once (they will hit the ground and disappear)
      5. Stay Behind her and be ready to roll against Melee and Rapid Fire

      • 19 May 2017 16:35  

        The *itch gets EXTRA aggressive when she is poisoned, for some reason. She becomes so spammy, the game turns into a bullet-hell, making poison stacking to a reasonable point with Mossy Pessmud such a pain, you're better off not using it (no wraithfangs, those things are broken). I have been through the game many MANY times (27 journey bottles on my jack-of-all-trades character alone, but haven't dropped daggers for a while now :p), and can pretty much beat her with my eyes closed. But DAMN she's never been such a *itch, which made me love her again.

        • 18 May 2017 18:41  

          Game breaking boss at NG+. Has the tendency to move offscreen and spam homing missiles while you can't reach her. I don't mind a challenge but this is ridiculous.

          • 01 Apr 2017 12:37  

            Any of distance attaks can be avoided by simple jump and dashing in the same direction. All of her projectiles has a limited lifetime. So if you have a good gun or crossbow you will not have any issues fighting her.

            • 06 Feb 2017 13:42  

              Took me a few death before I decided to abandon my shield and most of my armor ; I killed it on my next try. Maybe keep enough stuff to tank the melee damage, but the rest is quite easy to dodge. Stay under her, and jump to avoid the arching projectile she uses to reach you when you're there. I used the charm that gives holy damages and a two handed headman's voulge, which was enough to inflict a lot of damage.

              • 20 Dec 2016 20:28  

                I recommend the Wardens Set and whatever headgear has the highest arcane resist. Additionally you can use the silver shield, which has 100% arcane resist.

                If you have problems dodging the mayority of a spell's projectiles this is the best armor to wear, either dodge as much as you can then take the rest of the damage (just don't take all) or block as much as you can and then take the rest.

                Since her melee atatcks aren't that strong and sonsists only of a 1-2 combo you can afford it.

                Currently on my first playthrough and this was the best setup for me

                • The Witch of the Lake [S&S Wiki]19 Dec 2016 02:49  

                  Run away, then turn around a boost jump over them. Its that easy. Also the Gatling attack is easy to avoid, just run the other way and jump the projectiles.

                  • 15 Nov 2016 08:00  

                    I found the orb that spawns missiles to be the hardest part initially. What worked well for me is to be close to underneath the orb (like 7 or 8 o'clock if the orb was the center of the clock) then just walk away. Dont jump. Dont dash. If you just walk away they all miss you. The annoying part is if she happens to follow up with her rapid spray ability you will likely die but most of the time she did not so it worked out after a couple tries. I had a shield on but honestly never even pulled it up.

                    • Evil Incarnate02 Oct 2016 03:42  

                      If you're cooping, this boss is pure evil. Two of her three magic attacks can one-shot you if they so much as touch you, and she's got a pretty sizable health pool.

                      • Easiest boss in the game guys get good seriously.22 Sep 2016 06:40  

                        If you use the Iron rampart you can literally block 100% of everything she can do. You can naked even other than that shield and your weapon and she wont hit you a single time. No cheap tricks or I frames or strategy needed, block Every single spell and attack inbetween.

                        • ng+ witch = incredibly hardest boss..10 Sep 2016 19:36  

                          First playthrough is a bit easy.. but when ng+, fortunate and damage don't work at all.. you need to concentrate extremely long time to defeat her..

                          • This boss really isn't that hard.16 Aug 2016 07:53  

                            Maybe it's because I was running a flint & steel build when I fought her, but I beat her after 4 tries.<br/>She has like, 4 attacks. Just learn those, stick close to her so you can dodge easier, and be agressive.<br/>Unless you have a really high arcane defence don't bother blocking either.

                            • Fight magic with cloth19 Jul 2016 05:03  

                              The first time I beat her, I was playing a paladin build, and it took me 6 tries because I couldn't go from attacking to blocking fast enough. Then I went to do this fight again with a Mage build, wearing the Evanescent robe set and using a staff/greatsword loadout. The lightness of this loadout made dodging almost too easy, and the staff allowed me to rapidly use fireball at close range and Flame Barrage at long range. And I managed to do it under a minute, with only one candle difficulty rating to boot. Mobility and ranged attacks are the real keys to making this an easy fight.

                              • Slaying the Witch07 Jun 2016 01:25  

                                This is definitely one of the harder fights in the game, and requires quite a bit of learning out of you since any one of her attacks can one-shot you. I recommend that approach this boss coming from Pitchwood, as it's likely you'll be dying to this her quite a bit before you get the manuevers down and its' less infuriating if you can use the nearby Sanctuary. <br/><br/>Pre-preperations: I used the Steel Armor set personally as it has some pretty decent Arcane defense without sacrificing physical defense too much in the process as she does have a few physical attacks that might catch you off guard. She is weak to Fire, Slashing, and Holy damage. You won't have a lot of time to cast spells or re-apply buffs, so consider weapons that have these attributes inherit and/or use charms to give your weapons the necessary attributes. You'll want a weapon that has pretty good vertical reach as she'll often be hovering just out of harms way. <br/><br/>The big key thing to this fight is to make sure that you stay as close to her as possible. The further away she gets the more difficult her spells become to evade and you obviously can't follow-up with your own attacks if she's not within reach to clobber. Prioritize evading her attack and then attacking yourself. Keep an eye on your stamina; You'll want to have enough to do a few complicated dodges of your own as you get done. <br/><br/>The witch has four attacks that she can string together. Her first is a pretty basic melee attack that doesn't do a lot of damage but will knock you prone if you are hit by it. Staying close to her prompts her to use this more often, and its' one of her easiest attacks to dodge. She'll hover to your vertical position and then slash with her spider-claw-arm-thing at you, moving herself forward as she does. At lower health she'll string two of these together. Simply dodge-roll towards her, turn around, and dodge-roll again. It's safe to get one or two attacks after evading. <br/><br/>For her second ability the Witch will pause in the air, and then let forth a stream of dark energy rapid-fire in a cone in front of her. If you've been staying close to her you'll want to always run a little bit behind her whenever she casts a spell as this will give you enough time to figure out which spell she's casting and how to respond to it. This is her only spell that doesn't have any tracking, so feel free to attack her while she's firing off, but get back to evading once she starts moving around again. <br/><br/>Her third ability will summon forth a circular formation of little ghost-head looking guys that will travel forward, and then track to your location. Again, if you are behind her when she uses this spell you'll want to move back slightly, and then actually jump+dash towards the floating ghost heads once they're headed towards you. There should be a you sized gap in-between them that you can dash through safely, although you might clip one or two of them occasionally. So long as you can dash through the majority of them this won't kill you. Air-Dashing through the ghost-skulls should land you near the witch; Jump again and get a few swings in on her. <br/><br/>Her final spell produces a menacing red orb that travels horizontally forward and then expels several missiles of arcane energy that home in on you. This is probably the hardest spell to avoid and will be responsible for a lot of your deaths as you learn her mechanics. Unlike the ghost-skulls which follow your character in a circular pattern, these missiles will travel directly at you. You need to goad the missiles into following you at an angle that you can quickly dart away from them. If you see the ball go out, get under it, and then just as its' starting to shoot missiles at you air-dash to the right or left to avoid them. If you're a little off to a side of the orb then you'll want to wait for the missiles to start firing at you, and then jump and air-dash over them. You'll likely catch one or two of them, but so long as you miss the majority of these missiles you should be able to recover. As always, reward your successful dodge by smacking the witch around a bit before you get back to the evasion game. <br/><br/>That's it as far as her spells go, but the witch actually has one other kind of meta-game cheat she can do that you'll need to watch out for; She can float off-screen and will absolutely attack from there. This places you at a really bad disadvantage since you can't see what she's doing and you can't get close enough to her to dodge correctly. If she does this I like to just haul-ass to the other end of the arena by air-dashing away from her as quickly as possible. While her spells have impressive range, they will fizzle out before they can catch up to you this way. Once the threat has passed try to get yourself back to the center and then stick to her again. <br/><br/>Hopefully these tips help you bring this witch down. She's one of the harder bosses in the game (if you aren't just cheesing everything with a mage build, anyway), so don't get discouraged if it takes you awhile to adjust to her mechanics. While her spells are very deadly and everything she does has the potential to one-shot you, they aren't unavoidable either.

                                • Git gud and dodge you *****06 Jun 2016 12:06  

                                  I died tons just like you would a boss you aint used to the moveset to yet so hey it happens. I used a 2H shrouded bulwark with the electric charm and the white knight armor took a good few tries but hey patience and RNG be in your favor you'll get it. Now those spindle beasts to the right now they are the true enemy shield piercing pieces of *****.

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