Phoenix Rondache

Heater Shield
Balance 63
Weight 10
Cost 500
Class Shield
Blunt Defense 70
Bladed Defense 71
Fire Defense 100
Lightning Defense 71
Poison Defense 58
Holy Defense 64
Arcane Defense 43


Phoenix Rondache is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.



An iron targe crafted at the Citadel as one of countless experiments in imbuing mundane objects with elemental energy. It bears a stylistic image of a divine bird said to be perpetually bathed in searing flames, and its unique enchantment enables it to completely deflect fire attacks.


Notes and Tips:

  • Very useful against Kraekan Wyrm boss - nullifies his fire breath
  • ??

Location/Where to Find

  • Castle of Storms: in the middle next to a switch, must drop down from top and use lift to get near then drop again onto it.


    • Upgrade It23 Jul 2016 19:49  

      It should be noted that the Phoenix Rondache upgrades with the charred materials wich you rarely use for much of anything else, so you can feel free to max it out if you can use it.

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