Silver Shield

Buckler Shield
Balance 52
Weight 10
Cost 4000
Class Shield
Blunt Defense 90
Bladed Defense 95
Fire Defense 46
Lightning Defense -38
Poison Defense 47
Holy Defense 100
Arcane Defense 100


Silver Shield is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.



An embossed heater shield forged primarily from silver, a precious metal widely believed to ward away evil. The blessed silver provides substantial protection from supernatural attacks, but its exceptionally high conductivity leaves the wielder desperately vulnerable to electricity.


Notes and Tips:

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Location/Where to Find

  • Sunken Keep: Above the encounter with the Mad Jester, there is a hidden floor in the arch. Use that floor to get access to the door to the east and the shield is on the floor with a shortcut back to the Village of Smiles.


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