Bloodbrow Scutum

Heater Shield
Balance 60
Weight 8.0
Cost 1500
Class Shield
Special Reflect
Blunt Defense 84
Bladed Defense 81
Fire Defense 38
Lightning Defense 95
Poison Defense 38
Holy Defense 36
Arcane Defense 43


Bloodbrow Scutum is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.



An oval shield crafted from a lightweight alloy and engraved with a complex arrangement of protective symbols. The Bloodbrow Society began in part as a splinter cell of outspoken acolytes from the Citadel who denounced the strict, often arbitrary precepts governing their practices. Departing Liven to pursue their research unhindered, they formed a clandestine school of forbidden arts whose achievements laid the foundations of modern alchemy.


Notes and Tips:

Location/Where to Find

  • Starting equipment for the ??? class.
  • Dropped by ???
  • Sold by ???



Bloodbrow Scutum Upgrade Table

Upgrade Material: Whisperlady's Ashes

Upgrade Catalyst: Amber Idol

  Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Wgt Durability Class

Bloodbrow Scutum

?? ? C 3.0 ?? 3

Bloodbrow Scutum +1


Bloodbrow Scutum +2


Bloodbrow Scutum +3


Bloodbrow Scutum +4


Bloodbrow Scutum +5



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