Mirror Shield

Heater Shield
Balance 55
Weight 7.0
Cost 5000
Class 2 Shield
Special Reflect
Blunt Defense 60
Bladed Defense 85
Fire Defense 59
Lightning Defense 95
Poison Defense 44
Holy Defense 49
Arcane Defense 56


Mirror Shield is a Shield in Salt and Sanctuary.



A unique gilt shield with an unusual shape. While it bears no arms, insignia nor any other clues to its origins, its flawless surface exhibits a magnificent mirror polish indicative of ceremonial rather than practical purposes.


Notes and Tips:

Location/Where to Find

  • Starting equipment for the ??? class.
  • Dropped by ???
  • Sold by ???



Mirror Shield Upgrade Table

Upgrade Material: Hornet Steel's Ashes

Upgrade Catalyst: Amber Idol

  Attack Str Scale Dex Scale Wgt Durability Class

Mirror Shield

?? ? C 3.0 ?? 3

Mirror Shield +1


Mirror Shield +2


Mirror Shield +3


Mirror Shield +4


Mirror Shield +5



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