Stamina is a stat  in Salt and Sanctuary.

It is represented as a light blue bar on the GUI that refills quickly when not in use. It is primarily increased by leveling Willpower nodes in the skill tree. (Max Stamina = 30 + 10 * Willpower).  All attacks, magics, and acrobatics require some amount of stamina. Actions attempted with too little stamina will be significantly slower than normal.  The amount recovered is also dependent on equipment load percent.

The Stamina Regen formula is: (180 - (60 * Equip%)) + Items
While blocking all Stamina regeneration is reduced to 3/16 of its normal speed.

Stamina regeneration is put on hold after most combat actions for 1.0 to 1.5 seconds depending on the action performed. While on hold, positive regeneration is turned off. Warhorns grant a small positive regeneration even during these short hold timers.

Stamina has a special relationship with both Focus and Fatigue.

The values and the size of the Stamina bar are twice that of the Focus bar. Max stamina is also gained at twice the rate as max Focus from skillpoints into Willpower. Stamina's maximum value is reduced by the player's Fatigue, which is shown as a bar-lock stamina. This lock on Stamina is proportional to current Focus remaining and cannot drop below 50% without the use of items.

Items that affect Stamina:
Mossy Ring: Increase stamina regeneration rate.
Warhorn: Significantly increases stamina regeneration rate.
Mountain Warhorn: Significantly increases stamina regeneration rate.
Relentless Ring: Reduces stamina fatigue from combat.
Whistlebone Charm: Decreases stamina requirements for melee attacks

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