The Witch of the Lake

The Witch of the Lake


NG+7 10,400


12,010 Gold

12,000 Salt

NG+7 319,440 Salt

The Witch of the Lake's Ear

Strike 500 Fire -50
Slash 50 Lightning 50
Poise 100 Poison 50
Block 0 Holy -50
Block Damage 0 Arcane 50
Block Magic 60    

The Witch of the Lake is a Boss in Salt and Sanctuary

Saira, one of two twins. The Witch of the Lake, guardian of the Salt Alkymancery, is a magic user of legend, an immensely powerful arcanist and alchemancer. Her black robes conceal a physical form that has been grotesquely disfigured by alchemy as obscure as it is dangerous."


  • Siam Lake: This is a small area, the boss is on the left side.
  • Coordinates: {X:55811.56 Y:30732.57}
  • Boss Flags: xx NPC / Merchant progress


Combat Information

  • Attack Types: Arcane, Strike
  • Weak vs: Fire and Holy Damage
  • Strong vs: Strike Damage, Stagger
  • All of her magic attacks can be spell reflected.

Phase 1

The Witch will attack you using ranged spells mostly, and she can float around the arena. It is advisable to have arcane-resist gear and a light build, as you would most likely fail at blocking, thus rolling and dodging away is imperative.

  • Arcane Barrage - She points her staff slightly downwards, conjuring a stream of energy balls from her staff that can stagger, drain stamina (if blocking) and irremediably kill you if caught off guard. Be sure to follow the witch at all times.
    •  The individual damage of the projectiles is not very high, but it's impossible to survive if one manages to hit you while you're in the line of fire of the rest.
    • It is recommended to stand directly below her, as this attack has no tracking and she can't reach you if she's in the air. If she's not at the end of one of the sides of the arena, then roll through her to get behind and punish her.
    • Attempting to spell parry this attack won't save you if done too early, as the immunity time period of the spell reflect won't last enough to save you from the whole barrage.
  • Dark Swarm - Shoots a line of accelerating dark balls positioned on an arc to one of her sides, which then follows the player. Deals heavy stagger, medium damage and if one hits, the player is vulnerable to the rest of the projectiles.
    • Depending of the position the boss is at the time of the cast, is the way the projectiles are arranged. Sometimes the player may have to go through a "split" arc (one line above the boss and one line below it) at the same time.
      • The player may need to Jump then use the Dart Brand to go through safely. Be ready to judge when this is necessary.
    • This attack always tries to home in based on the position of the ball that is closest to the player in the line. This means that if the player is able to go past the last ball in the line, the rest of projectiles will lose almost all of the tracking, missing the player enterely.
    • Due the accelerating nature of this attack, it's recommended to dodge it after 2 to 3 seconds when the projectiles appear, instead of trying to do it instantly. This will allow the balls to gain slight speed, which will make them go crashing into the ground and dissapear once the player dodges through them.
      • This also makes spell reflecting this attack a bit tricky, but completely safe if one learns the timing. The spell reflection will grant you enough immunity to ignore the rest of the balls, allowing you to punish the boss.
  • Limb Smack - If close to her for too long, she will melee hit downwards in an arc with her arm. If the player is close enough, then she can combo it into an uppercut launching you into the air. Can be done on the air or on the ground.
    • Both of these attacks have tracking and try to reach the player, but can be easily rolled through. Be prepared to roll twice.
    • Be mindful of your positioning, as you can punish her if a roll is timed right. Conversely, she can punish you if you whiff.
  • Dark Arrows - Shoots a medium sized ball in one direction which after a second will explode and shoot lines that follow the player. These lines can stager and chain into themselves, which leave you completely vulnerable once one of them hits. They have medium tracking, and it's impossible to roll-dodge through them. Deals medium-low damage per projectile.
    • This attack deals heavy stamina damage if trying to block all the projectiles. High stagger reduction advised.
    • This attack can be "evaded" by running away in the opposite direction of the ball, for the whole duration of the attack. It is actually not advised to roll, as the recovery can make the rest of the projectiles catch up and hit you. If you must roll, do so at the end of the attack.
      • It is recommended to start running after the projectiles start coming out, not once the ball has been cast, as this reduces the amount of ground you have to cover to dodge the attacks.
      • Be wary of getting too far away, as the boss is still able to move and cast spells once the lines start shooting out.
    • You can safely reflect this attack most of the times, because even if the duration of a successful spell reflect is not long enough to last if done early, you nullify 90% of the projectiles once the parry connects. This will get you hit only once, maybe two at best.
      • And if you spam roll after a successful spell reflect, you can dodge through the rest of  the spell with no damage done.

Phase 2

  • Follow up - After using Limb Smack, she will stand still and casting for a brief second an arc of balls above her (much like the Dark Swarm attack). These will then target and home into the player. Deals medium-light damage per projectile and heavy stagger.
    • Since the boss can do Limb Smack in the air and on the ground, be wary of your positioning and get ready to roll through. 
    • If done on the ground, make sure to not stand too close to the boss when it does this, as it may cause one of the balls to spawn directly on the hitbox of the player, staggering you instantly and leaving you completely vulnerable to the rest of the attack.
    • This attack can be reliably dodged, if the player waits out a short distance away from the witch once the second limb smack has been done. Once the Dark Swarm has been casted, immediately close in and roll through the attack. The projectiles will home into the player, but will accelerate too much and crash into the ground
      • This tactic is more consistent when the Witch is in the air. If she's on the ground, then roll into the attack twice. You can safely go through with one roll at medium roll or lower, but rolling twice will ensure you don't get hit at all, and get into position to punish her after it ends.



Melee Strategy Video






Player Notes


  • The Ashen Effigy Greatshield is the perfect shield to use if available as it has 100% resistance to arcane attacks, making it an ideal tool against her. Due the special properties of the shield, it can also reflect back some of the damage done by the boss back to her.
    • The Silver Shield also offers 100% arcane resistance, but its stagger resistance (aka Balance) is much lower, which means it probably won't stand up to the Witch's multi-hit attacks. If you use it, try to do it with high willpower.
  • When fighting the Witch, Make sure to keep an eye on your arena space as this will benefit against the Dark Arrows and Arcane Barrage attacks.
    • If avoiding the Barrage from a far distance, the balls will split into spaces that can be jumped over or rolled through. This however is not a really safe or consistent strategy. Use it only if the boss has floated beyond the player's reach of the arena.
  • When fighting her, try to NOT stay near the edge of the arena as she can simply leave from view and attack, using any ability which you can't predict and kill you in the process.
  • Carsejaw The Cruel's armor set (Umbral Set) that is sold after his defeat by the Nomad Trader, can provide a significant defense against her Arcane based attacks. This set requieres Heavy Armor tier 4 to wear.
    • The Mildeweed Set from the Queen of Smiles is also a really good alternative for builds with Light Armor instead of Heavy Armor. Sold by the same vendor and requieres Light Armor tier 3 to wear.

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    • Anonymous

      After failing so many times with a heavy armor build, I decided to go at it with absolutely no armor and my trusty Coveted Axe. It worked! Mobility is your best friend in this fight. I was able to outrun most of her magical attacks and easily dodge her melee attacks. I wish I'd done it sooner, it would have saved me a lot of headaches.

      • Anonymous

        When I played co-op with a mage & cleric, this was great. Playing singular with my mage, stay below her and use fire spells. I used Flame Barrage.

        • Anonymous

          As a MAGE: Took me 8 tries then figured it out. Use lightning pod before entering. That will dps while you evade. STAY CLOSE to her. If you end up away from her, you are dead. Stay close and spam fire barrage. Prioritize evasion. Don't forget, lightning pod will be jacking her up at all times. Flame guardian performed horribly.

          • Anonymous

            somehow it took me 3 tries for her and 7 ****ing tries for carsejaw.

            also 5 tries for the wyrm and the tree, 4 for murdelia, and somehow only 3 tries for the third lamb despite having zero clue on how to dodge the lightning sprite attack. am i just playing a different game than everyone where carsejaw is now as strong as he is in lore?

            • Anonymous

              Oh yes please more of 3 unavoidable consecutives shard balls, more barrages immediately after a shard ball, more flying behind the edge of the screen from the middle of the level and cast barrage, oh yes please more. What? I'm not salty you are.

              • Anonymous

                Remember to make offerings to get bonuses, especially Alchemist, which gives you big bonuses to upgraded armor.

                White Armor set with a lot of upgrades can help you raise your arcane defense.

                • Anonymous

                  Easily the hardest. But i finally did it she really used a lot of magic. But i had something that helped a lot. I went to the blackest vault and put the guy that you exchange stuff for items. So i got Flask of Defilement and threw it at her, it did serious stuff to her. So what it does is when you throw it at someone, each time you hit them the stronger it gets. Also GG

                  • Anonymous

                    Ok so I run a cleric build. And i gotta be honest, the gun with built in holy (it's a class 3, forgot the name) absolutely destroys this boss. This coupled with the Mildewed set, ethereal intervention, and divine blessed weapon made this boss a joke I beat on the first try.

                    My str build heavy armor character on the other hand struggled horribly against her...

                    • Anonymous

                      on my first playthrough i defeated her on my first attempt, without using a shield, but on ng+ this became the pure form of suffering. Hardest boss on the game.

                      • Anonymous

                        cheesy way to easily kill her: ashen effigy with 100 arcane defense. take whatever weapon you want, just use mireheart charm. hit her a few times and raise your shield. gg

                        • Anonymous

                          simply the best boss the game offers in my eyes. every attack can be dodged with good timing and positioning, especially since you are able to double dash while in air at this point of the game. BUT once one shot connects from her spells, youre most likely to die. having arcane resistance is basically useless, because you cant outtank all this damage. you have to be aware of every movement and use the time you have to be aggressive as possible while avoiding all these oneshots. i really enjoy fighting her and winning against her feels almost like you did a perfect fight.

                          • Anonymous

                            I had a super easy time with her on my first playthrough, was using sheikimaru and made pretty quick work of her, only died 2 times I think, worst boss for me has to be either kraeken wyrm or the third lamb

                            • Anonymous

                              I also think it is one of the easier bosses. The Kraken Wyrm and Nameless god are difficult, especially in ng+7.

                              • The umbral aegis and umbral armor makes this fight easy, but even with it she still hit pretty hard. I made sure to stay well out of the way of her magic attacks but i only survived cause of the insane arcane resistance i had. I pretty much was running the perfect counter build for dealing with her. full umbral set, iron butterfly greataxe with the holy damage charm and prayer, and the ethereal intervention up. Absolutely melted her, but tbh i could easily see how she is awful to fight. Even with all my advantages she got pretty close to killing me a few times.

                                • Anonymous

                                  The hardest boss in the game. Don't let any anonymous boasters on here saying 'oh just wear X set and she's ez' get to you if you're having difficulty with her, she is EASILY the hardest fight in this game whether a first runthrough or on any NG+. It's not enough that she has a few spells that can OHKO you, but while can be avoided easily once you get the feel for her, she has a tendency to occasionally use moves back to back in a fashion that would imply a strong AI. Getting you to run far to one side to avoid tracking lasers, then following up with machine-gun balls which you wanted to be close to her to avoid. Advice for fighting her: First the obvious, equip a light load for faster mobility, as much arcane defense as you can get. If you have rank 3 prayers, try and keep Ethereal Intervention up at all times. If available, use fire, holy, or poison damage. Poison, as always, works great on a first run, but it's tick damage won't be as spectacular in NG+, but it's still nice to let her tick damage while you focus on dodging. Spend all your salt and gold before fighting her. Chances are you will die a lot trying to figure her out. No need to be losing several thousand gold each time you die, and there's even a good chance she'll get a random one shot on you early in a fight and make you lose your salt. If you're melee, use a weapon with an overhand swing if you can, plenty of times she'll be floating frustratingly above your reach. Won't be available til you face her in NG+, but trinity greatsword is great for it's overhand swing, and for being very fast as far as greatswords are concerned. Now for her actual moves, most are easy to dodge on their own. Her melee swing is easy enough to roll through, and if you just step back to avoid the follow up swing, you can usually get several hits in on her. At low health she'll usually follow a melee swing by glowing purple and shooting those homing swarms at you, just back up and roll through to dodge. Her three spells: Machine gun fireballs, the easiest to avoid on it's own but the one most likely to one shot you. If you had been able to stay close to dodge this and her melee, just walk or roll past her. If she's low to the ground when she casts this, you can get some free damage from behind her. If you are far away when she casts this (because you were dodging a different spell) this is the thing most likely to kill you even after you've got her pattern down. Only thing to do here is try and dart dash even farther away and then jump, roll, or whatever dodge you can to hopefully only get clipped by one or two hits. They'll still hurt, be ready to heal. Dark Swarm: Actually easy to dodge. If you're close to her, just jump and dart dash over the ones that come in low, and the other ones should go over your head in the process. If you're far away, just roll through to dodge. Tracking Laser: Only annoying because it's the one best dodged by being far away, which will then set you up for being one shot by other spells. Run from her when this comes out, dart dash to get some distance, then if necessary try and dart dash over the last few bits or roll through them. Chances are you'll still get clipped, but getting clipped by this one isn't as deadly as getting clipped by the other spells. Now you just need to worry about your position and which spell is coming next. If your FAR, stay far and dodge the next spell appropriately. If you're mid range and she's preparing a low to the ground machine gun... well you're probably going to die. And of course, don't get greedy even when she's low health. She can one shot you, you're not safe til she's dead, even if she's only one hit away. Play it safe, get your hits in when you can, prioritize dodging. Seen too many deaths to this boss because I tried to rush in and finish her off when she was almost dead.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    I hate this boss there is no reason she needs three moves that have tracking spells that fire a billion rounds at you.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      Here's my advice. You know the machine gun magic balls she shoots at you? That's the only safe window for attacking other than her melee attack. never be greedy with her and take your time.

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