The Smith's Apprentice is a piece of Story and Lore found in the Tree of Skill.


Jakeb had been an energetic youth, and the trade of smithing gave him a proper outlet to work, craft, and learn.

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 7.


All of his tools were laid out before him: his tongs, chisels, punches, hammers, and bits.

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 8.


'More nails again today?' he asked. 'Not today, son. A new order came in, swords. War is coming. Let's get to work.'

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 11.


'I'll need good metal make a piece like that,' he said. 'Dorian steel, nothing less.'

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 13

The flame's heat had dwindled, but that's what the bellows were for. He deftly sent a few blasts of air into the fire, bracing for the satisfying roar of heat that would return.

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 14

Jakeb set about measuring Leonworth. The armor was to perfectly articulate to match its owner, from shoulder to ankle and every finger and toe in between.

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 15

In the rainy darkness, Jakeb could tell the huddled figure was a man, and that man was gravely wounded. He hurried forward, still mindful of his surroundings, only to discover that the victim was someone he recognized: the knight, Leonworth!

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 16

“Deliver this to Cloudencasse,” he said, handing Jakeb a piece of parchment. Jakeb nodded, though he could not make out what was written on the parchment.

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 17

He ran as fast as he could back to the smithy. He was excited and terrified all at once. Could a boy of his station really be of use to a knight?

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 18

He ran without stopping, down the hill, past the hanging tree, over the soggy gulch, through the great wooden gate. He arrived sopping wet, brimming with excitement and resolve.

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 19

The armor was heavy, but Jakeb was not only stout and lean from days of smithing, but his trade had given him priceless experience at deftly donning and wearing plate.

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 22

Ironclad and bearing shield and sword, Jakeb set out to the East, to adventure. The dying knight's wishes would be honored.

  • The Smith's Apprentice, pg. 23

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