Some Weapons and Armors have hidden bonuses referred to as Specials or Flags.
Some flags can stack with copies of themselves, while more complicated flags will not.
Below is a list and their descriptions.


Extra Blunt: Transforms 50% of the weapon's Slash damage into Strike damage.
Extra Blades: Transforms 50% of the weapon's Strike damage into Slash damage.
Fast Hitter: Increases the weapon's attack speed by 10%. Charge attacks are also 50% faster.
Slow Hitter: Decreases the weapon's attack speed by 10%. Charge attacks are also 40% slower.
Slide: Player moves forward +100% distance on certain attacks. Charge attacks are also 10% faster.
Wood Staff: Transforms 100% of the weapon's damage into Strike damage. Also modifies weapon sound. *
Chain Whip: Modifies weapon sound. **

*This is only used for the Oar weapon.
**This is only used for Whips, about half of which are Chain Whips.



Elemental: Weapon damage is split evenly between physical and a listed type (e.g. Fire, Lightning, Holy, Poison).
HP Leech:
Attacking enemies grants 0.5 health to the player.
MP Leech:
Attacking enemies grants 0.5 focus to the player.
Grants +10% and +5 stagger damage against enemies.
Charm Move:
Moves the attachment point of a charm.


Gold Find: Increases gold picked up by 10%.
Drop Rate: Increases drop chance by 10%.
Wounding Reduction: Reduces wounding by 50%.
Increased Stamina Regen: Increases stamina recovery by 10%.
Magic Boost: Increases magic damage by 10%.
Cheap Magic: Decreases focus cost by 10%.
+ATK: Increases attack by value.
+STAT: Increases a given stat by value.


All Ring bonuses are also technically flags.
Effects found on both armors and rings do not stack since they share boolean flags.

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    • Anonymous

      It would be nice if there was a page that just cataloged all the items and armor with special effects…


      • Anonymous

        Im prolly just dumb but I just cant figure out what the voltron effect means.
        The voltron effect is on the umbral visor a heavy helmet.

        • This page has values directly from the codebase. Gold drop is not 100% on item flags. Reverted.
          Goldenwine gives a 2.0 multiplier, that is multiplicative to other gold bonuses. Most item flags do not stack as they are either on or off.

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