Overlord Set


Pieces   Lit 121.9 
Strk 110.4  Psn 105.8 
Slsh 158.7  Holy 108.1 
Fir 73.6  Arc 170.2 

Overlord Set is an Armor Set in Salt and Sanctuary. Armor sets do not provide additional bonuses.



Overlord Set Information

The Lord of this island. Possesses incredible power over time and space, but is mortal, fallible, and forever cursed by insatiable greed. The candelabra he bears may indicate the thing he covets most: a candlelit spirit, unattainable to saltborn.

- Bestiary, "The Nameless God"



Location/Where to find Overlord Set




Overlord Set Table

Name Level Strk Slsh Fir Lit Psn Holy Arc Wgt
nameless helmOverlord's Turban Level 0  19.2  27.6  12.8  21.2  18.4  18.8   29.6 9.6
Level VII                
nameless armorOverlord's Candelabra Level 0  48  69  32  53  46  47  74  24
Level VII                
nameless glovesOverlord's Gauntlets Level 0  14.4  20.7  9.6  15.9  13.8  14.1  22.2  7.1
Level VII                
nameless bootsOverlord's Greaves Level 0  28.8  41.4  19.2  31.8  27.6  28.2  44.4  14.4
Level VII                


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    • Anonymous

      This + the umbral headset, house of splendor creed, a +7 chitin obelisk makes up a good guts character from berserk.

      • Anonymous

        People complaining that this set is crappy: Firstly this is a soullike game and none of the soul games ever had a good final boss armor that's attainable. Secondly for it's weight, it offers amazing defense. Thirdly, Fashion souls.

        • Anonymous

          Funny thing, when I completed the game and picked the ending to become a Nameless God at NG+ my character had it equipped, except the helmet, which still was the pumpkin. Truly, the head of a one true God.

          • Anonymous

            I completed a run with a naked challenge active and chose the dominion ending. Now in NG+ I have overlord's armor equipped and can't take it off. I don't have enough carry weight left to equip weapons. My challenge run just got a lot more challenging!

            • Anonymous

              This set requires Drowned items for upgrades, not the normal items. I checked this page, just completed the Dominion ending, I had grinded the items, and now I see I can't upgrade past IV because I didn't grind the Drowned items which were the required ones, unlike stated here.

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