Kite Shields in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the 4 types of shields players can wield.

Sunset Kite Shield

Kite Shield
Balance 58
Weight 10
Cost 500
Class 1 Shield
Special -
Blunt 90
Bladed 90
Fire 41
Lightning 100
Poison 39
Holy 42
Arcane 41

Pendragon Targe

Kite Shield
Balance 65
Weight 15
Cost 1500
Class 3 Shield
Special -
Blunt 98
Bladed 78
Fire 88
Lightning 62
Poison 100
Holy 50
Arcane 51

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    • Anonymous

      What makes a Kite Shield a Kite Shield? says: A kite shield was a distinct type of shield from the 10th–12th centuries. It was either a reverse teardrop shape or later on, flat-topped. The tapering point extended down to either a distinct or rounded point. The term is a neologism, created by Victorian antiquarians due to the shape's resemblance to an early European kite.The Pendragon Targe certainly does not appear tapered/reverse teardrop shape. Unless the game goes about defining "Kite Shield" for itself. In that case I would like to know what the game considers a Kite Shield.

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