Frayed Sugegasa

Balance -
Weight 2.4
Cost 1000
Class 1 Light Armor
Special Stamina Regen
Strike 12
Slash 4
Fire 9
Lightning 12
Poison 8.8
Holy 11
Arcane 11.6

 Frayed Sugegasa is a Helm in Salt and Sanctuary.



Woven hat of a shunned assassin.


Notes and Tips:

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Location/Where to Find

  • Beneath of Watching Woods zone.
  • Dropped by ???
  • Sold by ???


To get the set you need the VERTIGO BRAND and SHADOWFLIP BRAND Shadowflip Brand is optional.

From the village of smiles sanctuary make your way to the Queen Of Smiles boss room. To get there exit the sanctuary to the left, go up until you reach the top, go a bit to the right and go up the platfroms. Go to the right and make your way through the room, going left. After that drop down the ledges to enter the boss room. Exit the boss room to the right aand make your way down. When you reach the section where you have to choose between the stairs leading down and going staight forwars, take the stairs. until you reach the monolith. Use the monolith, go to the right until you reach a wall. Jump down using the shadowflip brand. Search for a place to return to normal gravity, go to the left and exit the cave. The set is in the chest outsite.

  If you do not have the Shadowflip Brand, you can get it anyway. From the monolith, go to the right until you come across a platform you can climb. after climbing it, go to the left edge of the platform, which is over two another platforms. Climb the right one, jump on the left one from there. On its left edge is a place to return to normal gravity. After hitting the ground, fight the Spear Imps and the Vexing Brat, and the chest is to your left.

Frayed Sugegasa Upgrade Table


  Strike Def Slash Def Fire Def Lightning Def Poison Def Holy Def Arcane Def Materials


12.0 4.0 9.0 12.0 8.8 11.0 11.6  


13.2 4.8 10.8 14.5 10.6 13.3 14.0 Lock of Hair x1


14.5 5.8 13.1 17.5 12.8 16.1 16.9 Lock of Hair x2


15.9 7.0 15.9 21.2 15.5 19.4 20.5 A Soldier's Poem x1


              A Soldier's Poem x2


              A Lord's Orders x1 




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