Fort-Beyond-the-Mire is a Location in Salt and Sanctuary. This fortress is defended by a Horseman, and connects the Mire of Stench to The Far Beach. It features a sanctuary to The Iron Ones.


fort beyond the mire walkthrough

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Full  Fort-Beyond-the-Mire Walkthrough

A full walkthrough including all the items, enemies and bosses is shown below. You can add links, images. and other details.

The Fort-Beyond-the-Mire is a small intermediary area that you first encounter after making your way through the Mire of Stench. At the edge of the Fort is the Boatman who takes you to the other side of the island, The Far Beach, at the opposite end of the map.

When you first exit the Mire of Stench, continue heading left downhill until you reach the shore. To the right of the ladder is a hidden area that leads back to Hager's Cavern, but you'll need a brand that you don't have yet to navigate it or collect any of the items within it. To the left of the ladder is a bridge running across the body of water. Cross the bridge to find a Dread Horseman (Mounted) guarding the entrance. Watch out for him as he hits hard. You will first need to get him off his horse before you can finish him. Alternatively, you can roll under him and rush into the Fort without fighting him. 

Once inside the Fort, climb up the ledge directly above the entrance, and use the Shadowflip Brand on the wall to jump to the upper ledges. On the upper-right ledge is a chest with Boatman's Waraji, Boatman's Sugegasa and Boatman's Mino. At the upper-right edge is the exit that leads to the Sanctuary belonging to The Iron Ones, but you will reach it by going out to the upper-left edge instead. You can take oath at the altar here to convert your creed, however note that this will earn you a Sin. You can read more about it at the Creeds page.

To the right of the Sanctuary is a Defender's Ring and a couple of ledges that lead up to more items, including a Black Pearl. You can reach the top of the Fort at the moment, but you're meant to use a brand that you don't have yet. To reach the top of the Fort currently, you'll need to use the Shadowflip Brand to jump off the side and then grab the supports by holding Up as you jump. When you reach the last support, you'll need to do a wall jump and then swing a sword or any other fast enough weapon in mid air several times to veer back towards the building and grab the ledge at the top. Once you've collected the item on the far left of the roof, drop down to the left for a Bell of Return, and then drop down once more and you'll be in front of the Sanctuary. Head back into the Fort, and continue left past the Rotten Raiders to find the Boatman. When you are ready, choose 'Yes' to travel to The Far Beach.

Fort-Beyond-The-Mire Video Walkthrough



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