Devara's Light

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The Earthen Vessel is the creed's idol. Follower's of the Goddess of Light worship Devara, deity of humility, kindness, and forgiveness; healer and protector of the downtrodden. 

Her creed is the oldest known, though it could be the consequence of it's cleric's meticulous recordkeeping. Pilgrims of Devara have been dying out for centuries.

Devara's Light is a Creed in Salt and Sanctuary. It specializes in healing and prayers, so it is the de facto creed for a cleric or paladin type build. It also has the game's most powerful healing items; however, there are not as many options available equipment-wise.



Devara's Light Sanctuary Locations



leader clericDevotion

To increase your Devotion with Devara's Light you must turn in Remains at any Stone Leader. Devotion maxes out at Rank 7. The following items can be traded in in batches of 3 for either a: Water of Blessing, a Cloth of Blessing, an Orange Phial, or a Page of Light.


chemist clericTransmutation

To transmute weapons you have to speak with Devara's Light Alchemist. Transmutation allows you to convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of the same type using the remains of Bosses and Enemies.



merchant clericMerchant Sells

Name & Icon Cost Devotion Level Requirement
health shardRed Shard 500 1
waterpotLightvessel 120 1
arrowArrow 10 1
boltBolt 15 1
flintshotFlintlock Shot 50 1
torchTorch 50 1
salt7Case of Salt 15000 1
buff holy Blessed Page 500 1
salt1Pouch of Salt 500 1
return bellBell of Return 500 1
antidoteAntidote 50 1
white sparkLock of Hair 500 3
beast sparkEndless Fang 500 3
ring saltseekSalt Seeker's Ring 500 1
charm lanternLantern Charm 2500 1

smith clericBlacksmith Sells

Name & Icon Cost Unlock Requirements
daggerMidshipman's Dirk 500 1
swordVarangian Spatha 1500 1
axeWoodsman's Axe 500 1
crossbowPlatoon Crossbow 1500 1
gun flintlockFlintlock Pistol 1500 1
shield woodWooden Targe 500 1
shield heaterHeater Shield 800 1
 tunic armorCotton Tunic  500 1
 tunic bootsCotton Trousers  500 1

priest clericCleric Sells

Name & Icon Cost Unlock Requirements
health shardRed Shard 500 1
waterpotLightvessel 120 1
buff holy Blessed Page 500 1
cleric helmPriest's Zucchetto 800 1
cleric armorPriest's Dalmatic 800 1
cleric bootsPriest's Sabots 800 1
mace flangedFlanged Mace  500 1
shield clericCleric's Kite Shield  100 1
 ring mp moatCrystalmoat Ring 5000 1
healMend 500 1
holy willDivine Will 2500 2
holy bandageSacred Linens 2000 2
heal2Spirited Mend 5000 3
heal3Rejuvenate 20000 5
holy buffBlessed Weapon 800 1
holy lightLight 1000 2
holy coneRay of Searing 1200 4
holy buff2Divine Blessed Weapon 8000 6
holy orbitsSprites 3000 5
holy cleanseCleanse 2000 2
holy phys defDivine Armor 2500 3
holy mag defEthereal Intervention 7500 4
holy bladeGuardian Blade 5000 5

mage clericMage Sells

 Name & Icon Cost Unlock Requirements
staff ivory Scrimshaw Cane 1500 1
wand woodSaltwood Branch 1500 1
ring magicCharged Ring 8000 1
fireFlashfire 500 1
lit boltLightning Bolt 1000 2
rapid litLightning Barrage 1000 3
flame stormWildfire 5000 1
mag dark buffArcane Weapon 1000 1
mag vision buffUndersight 800 1
fire oribtsFlame Orbiters  3000 Defeat Tree of Men




Choosing Devara's Light does change the ending of the game. There is a unique poem read for both the Survival and Dominion endings.


Survival Ending

Ageless solace
Clasp'd by death
Curs'd no longer
Gasping breath

Dominion Ending

This pantheon
Of timeless gods
Shall tremble at
The spreading dark



  • It is speculated that the Candlelit Lady is actually Devara herself.
  • This creed is reminiscent of certain Middle-Eastern religions and cultures.  The type of apparel as well as the various creed-specific items, such as clay vessels and in-game history of the religion, allude to the real-life Middle-Eastern cultures.

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