Staves in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the many Weapon types a player can choose from. They are used to cast spells and can only be wielded in two hands. Spells use Focus to cast.



Name & Icon Attack Mag Scale Special Wgt Class
Scrimshaw Cane 14.0 B None 4 1
Rowan Crosier 16.0 B None 5 2
Channeler's Rod  20.0 C None 6 3
Purgatory Scepter 28.0 E None 6 4
Saira's Staff  16.0 S None 10 5


    • What's the difference?05 Jul 2016 12:05  

      Besides the off-hand/2-hand difference between wands and staves, is there any difference?<br/>Can't really find much about it here on the wiki.

      • This may go without saying...08 Jun 2016 20:17  

        Staves do not have a physical attack. Attacking with a staff will trigger your character to use equipped spells. Having a physical alternative may be worthwhile in case you run dry of focus--Blackwidow is a great option, available early in the game with good magic scaling. Otherwise, you'll want a Conduit of Mind and focus-restoring items aplenty.

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