Order of the Betrayer


A human skull adorned in candles made of wax infused with human blood. Place the Skull Trophy in a vacant Sanctuary to claim it for The Betrayer, whose thirst for suffering knows no end.

Order of the Betrayer is a Creed in Salt and Sanctuary. It is basically the "evil" aligned creed and has access to special debuff items and dark magic. It also gradually corrupts the player with darkness. Therefore, it can be said to be the polar opposite of Devara's Light.



  • Siam Lake (head right from the Sanctuary until you see water dripping then follow the water down the hole. You must have a Bloody Writ in order to be accepted. This can be obtained by crushing a Stained Page inside any Sanctuary not belonging to your Creed and then dying.
    • You only have once chance/playthrough to join, so be sure to answer, "Yes" when prompted if you are hoping to join during that playthrough, lest you be locked out until the next NG+ cycle. (You are able to answer no and join later if you do not have a bloody writ with you at the time)




To increase your Devotion with Order of the Betrayer you must turn in Remains at any Stone Leader. Devotion maxes out at Rank 7. The following items can be traded in  for either a: Blood Vial, a Black Salt, a Page of Suffering or a Flask of Defilement x3.



To transmute weapons you have to speak with Order of the Betrayer Chemist. Transmutation allows you to convert a Weapon, Shield or Armor into another of the same type using the remains of Bosses and Enemies.






Choosing Order of the Betrayer does change the ending of the game. There is a unique poem read for both the Survival and Dominion endings.


Viceroy of
Our God of blood
Spreading strife
In lands above


Heart of malice
Sewn in steel
Mete the master's
Wiked will



  • the "God" of this Creed is named Azredak who is the shunned brother of Devara
  • It could be presumed that the  Nameless God is Azredak due to having similar goals

    • 04 Mar 2017 16:50  

      To the ones that got problems with lack of NPC's - just use Crystal Sphere at the sanctuaries of other creed with the NPC's you need and they will be replaced by the Betrayed ones.

      • 22 Feb 2017 14:53  

        Has the most powerful consumable in the game (Flask of Defilement) that you'll probably remember from being stunlocked by Saltless early on, and has exclusive access to Dark Magic which is not proliferant in the world in the way of exploration, but comes at a great cost. You have to put up with characters with edgy red eyes being your NPC buddies. Cruel, cruel world!

        • 30 Jan 2017 17:48  

          I was trying to make a Dark Magic build. Here's what I've learned...

          The debuff from casting Dark Magic seems to reduce Physical Defenses to zero. I tested this by having a Zombie at the Shivering Shore hit me after casting Dark Magic with Heavy Armor on and off. 10 points of damage each way. I assume all defenses are reduced to zero but haven't tested that. That's a lot of points I wasted on Armor...

          Divine Armor is cancelled by the Dark Magic debuff. Tested on the Shivering Shore Zombies. 10 damage with debuff, 3 damage without debuff. Sigh...

          Storm Ring has no effect. The description does say it only affects Elemental Magic, so I wasn't surprised.

          Sky Crystal seems to increase damage by about 30%.

          Overall, I like the Dark Magics Dark Coil and Dark Reach and Dark Swarm. Fairly good damage, and I like Dark Coil's tracking. The lack of defenses might make this not viable for high level gameplay, you are fully reliant on your dodging skills and can't use a shield with a wand or staff because reasons... As a damage dealer in team play, could be OK if you have a tank. Dark Coil has a super long range and minor tracking. It's the longest range spell I can think of.

          • about this creed05 Jul 2016 22:40  

            if you are having problems with creeds turning against you, simply head to the 'sin forgiving lady' and the moment she cleanses you, you can meet other creeds with no problems

            • About the Trivia03 Jul 2016 14:18  

              I am quite sure that the "Nameless God" is still a mortal (as the game states) even if powerfull. <br/>Thus, he cannot be the brother of Devara, which IS a deity. <br/><br/>Also it is stated that the Nameless is the god that ahs overtaken the faith of "The Three". <br/><br/>Unlikely that he rules TWO creeds in the game. Just my two cents.

              • Only host can unlock this creed02 Jun 2016 23:00  

                It should be noted that only the host can talk to the NPC to unlock the door to this creed, regardless of whether the sellsword has a Bloody Writ or not.

                • Rejoin creed?27 May 2016 02:18  

                  I joined this creed, but I want to go back and get the achives for the other creeds. if I leave them to get the Keepers and Splendor, can I rejoin them?

                  • Lost07 Apr 2016 14:26  

                    If you intend to join this creed I recommend memorizing the locations of all the other sanctuaries so far and going back to take them all over one by one. The blood vial consumable will slowly add corruption and at a certain point all other sanctuaries will become hostile even if you haven't defiled any of them yet. That means you can't use their guides, they disappear from your menu. Best to just get it over with as soon as possible so you're not blundering around lost when you want to backtrack to areas. You can cleanse your sin and corruption at an NPC below the Village of Smiles but it costs quite a bit. Try to get all the sanctuaries you can find and then cleanse yourself at her so the ones you haven't conquered are available for guide travel again. Then you'll know where they are or just do it to get there faster for something inconvenient, like the sanctuary in Pitchwoods.

                    • Desecration02 Apr 2016 06:51  

                      If you wish to keep your previous sanctuaries and NPCs, only desecrate a sanctuary that doesn't belong to you previous creed. I desecrated the one in Bandit's Pass, and could still use guides, merchants etc. in Mountainsmith sanctuaries, which was my creed before I joined Order of the Betrayer.

                      • Betraying on NG+02 Apr 2016 06:17  

                        So, perhaps this is just me failing at the game, but I came to NG+ and joined the creed once I found them, and have begun trying to desecrate sanctuaries, and I've found it unfortunately impossible, fighting the enemies through the two waves you are required to fight to succesfully desecrate it is incredibly difficult, namely the horseman that comes with wave two, it's hard enough killing the mage while having to dodge/block his charges at the same time, then if and when I finally manage to kill the mage and knock him off his horse, he still seems to kill me in two shots if I'm lucky, if not one shotting me due to wounding suffered from poor play on the first stage or being unable to block through the second, this is even with the bandaged ring and the second best armor set I currently own. I've tried numerous times to do this but to no avail and now my character is essentially stranded with just the shivering shore and the blackest vault.

                        • The Order of The Betrayer30 Mar 2016 07:21  

                          Not worth it at all. You have to attack the holy places to join, and kill all your merchants and such. You're left without blacksmiths, merchants, leaders, guides, etc... and you also the ability to teleport to the sanctuaries even from the guide!

                          • Extra Items19 Mar 2016 22:12  

                            At max rank.<br/><br/>Merchant: Stained Page, Drowned Idol / Locket / Censer, Grim Armor Set (Class 3 Light)<br/>Blacksmith: Sacrificial Garrote (Class 4 Whip), Gravedigger (Class 4 Reaper), Grim Armor Set

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