Daggers in Salt and Sanctuary are one of the many Weapon types a player can choose from. They are have short range, but can attack rapidly and use very little Stamina when attacking.

Remember that if you pass 35 balance you won't be able to do the uppercut moves or the mid-air spin. You can still go with some heavy armor but just make sure you keep track of your balance. (35 seems to still work but 35.1 or higher shouldn't)

Also, the flip kick jump can't be done if you have more than 50% equip load (but it's not related to balance)


1-handed+ shield or no shield

Square: Regular forward slash attack.
Triangle: Dagger spins in hand then thrust.
No charge/hold attacks 1-handed
Jump → Square = Slashing in the air for up to four times.
Jump → Triangle = Hammer-like strong attack.
Jump → 3 attacks (either) → Triangle = Jump + 3 attacks, followed by spin downwards/stab.
Roll → Square or Triangle = Roll ending with either one of the regular or strong attack.
Square → Triangle = Slash followed by flip kick jump forward that launches weaker mobs in the air/interrupts some others. Can be followed by mid-air attacks of course. (This can also be used to switch platforms)
Square → Triangle → Triangle = Slash followed by flip kick jump forward followed by hammer-like strong attack.
Square → Triangle → While mid-air use 3 attacks → press triangle = Regular attack, followed by a kick jump. While in mid-air slash three times using 'Square'. After slashing, press triangle to execute a spinning attack before slamming the ground.


Square = Regular/slower forward slash.
Triangle = Strong/slower forward thrust.
Hold Square = Charged up forward slash.
Hold Triangle = Charged up forward thrust.
Jump → Square = Jump + forward slash attack.
Jump → Triangle = Jump + downward stab attack. (You cannot jump → reg → hammer stab)
Roll → Square or Triangle = Roll ending with either one of the slash or thrust attack. (You can charge the attack if you want)
Square → Triangle = Forward slash + uppercut-like forward jump.
Square → Triangle → Triangle = Forward slash + uppercut-like forward jump ending with hammer stab.
Square → Square → Triangle → Triangle = Double forward slash + thrust ending with a slightly delayed slide forward slash.


Name & Icon Atk Atk at 50 Dex at tier VII Dex Scale Wis Scale Special Wgt Class
Midshipman's Dirk 6.0 42.3 S - None 2.0 0
Cutpurse Shiv 8.0 43.6 A - None  2.0  1
Kaltic Razor 10.0 37.8 C - MP Leech/Slide  2.5 2
Pessklaw 6.0 Slash/6.0 Poison 22.6 Slash / 22.6 Poison C - Poison/Slide  3.0 3
Eviscerator 16.0 46.0 E - HP Leech 3.0 4
Opal Tusk 8.5 Slash/8.5 Holy 23.5 Slash / 27.4 Holy* D D Holy/Extra Blunt 2.0 5

 * Wisdom was also at 50.

    • Anonymous

      20 May 2017 13:39  

      THIS, ladies and gentlemen, is how you use daggers :

      (I'm not the uploader, just a sub)

      • Anonymous

        Dagger is power11 Jun 2016 21:34  

        Class 4 dagger level 5 with defilement on the fake Nito boss, only need 2 combo and he is dead.

        • Dual Wielding?20 Mar 2016 18:41  

          How do one Dual wields? or this mean 2 handing the dagger? cos there seem to be no way ot putting an additional dagger into your off hand (shield slot)

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