Crypt Keeper

Crypt Keeper
Health: 600
Drops: 5000 Salt (+ 4000 Gold)
A Lord's Orders x1 [50]
A King's Orders x1 [10]
Crypt Keeper's Ashes x1 [40]
Shimmering Pearl x1 [10]
Strike 100 Fire 0
Slash 600 Lightning 0
Poise 100 Poison 0
Block 100 Holy 0
Block Damage 100 Arcane 0
Block Magic 60    

Crypt Keeper is a Beast in Salt and Sanctuary

An ancient guardian. Crypt Keepers are the silent sentinels of the Crypt of Dead Gods, wielding iron will against unwelcome invaders and unruly residents alike."



Combat Information

    • Attack Types:
    • Basic Attack: Swings once or twice
    • Heavy Attack: Jump Attack which causes knockback
    • Weak vs: All Elements
    • Strong vs: Slash

Player Notes

      • One of the best places to farm these is in Mal's Floating Castle. From the sanctuary, go left and then take the stairs up to a room with a Crypt Keeper. Kill him, Calling Horn back to the sanctuary and repeat. Characters with high damage output can make this run in about 20 seconds, which yields 6050 salt (with Leader and Grasping Ring) with a decent chance to drop A Lord's Orders or rarely A King's Orders.
      • Another place previous to Mal's Castle is on the far bottom left side of Hager's Cave where you can find a shrine. Go left from here to find a gaping hole needing the Hardlight brand to cross. Keep going left as you kill the cave guardians until you find the crypt keeper. End game after killing him will send you back to the small sanctuary. Going up the ladders from where the keeper is will bring you to the Fort/Pyramid section or the Mire zone's end.
      • Shimmering Pearls and King's orders don't drop often at all, prepare to farm them a lot! Use the Kismet Stone ring and the Brightcoral ring for higher chances.(And/or stack willpower)
      • the Crypt keepers are wearing Golem's Head,Golem's,Torso,Golem's Arms,Golem's Legs and wield the  Bonecrusher and Earthsplitter.


    • Anonymous

      27 Jun 2017 22:56  

      If you're farming this guy in Mal's, wear Mireheart Charm.
      Also if you're a mage a single Static Geist can instakill him ocassionally.
      I farmed him with Geist and a Poleaxe, when I switched to Shikeimaru Geist started killing him alone almost every second time.

      • Anonymous

        11 May 2017 06:31  

        It took me about 1 hour to get 15 lord orders and 5 king orders to finish my onyx set. Worth the time and salt for lvls.

        • Anonymous

          04 Feb 2017 19:34  

          Killed him over 100 times in cloud castle. He dropped 1 king's order, 18 lord's orders and 12 ashes. I had around 20 willpower.

          • Anonymous

            11 Jan 2017 20:57  

            If you happen to be in the 'Order of the Betrayer' creed, throwing them a Flask of Defilment can make the fight substancially easier.

            • Anonymous

              Double Salt glitch?09 Oct 2016 19:30  

              I have done this Three times so it seems to be legit:<br/><br/>With sellsword at Mal's Castle, let the CK kill you, get revived by sellsword and kill the CK. We've BOTH gotten 10,000 salt. (Plus I got all my salt back as usual).<br/><br/>

              • Anonymous

                Farming26 May 2016 22:58  

                You can farm them quickly in the crypt after dropping down from the small sanctuary before Skourzh if you have bells.<br/>One of them is right next to you and there is a another a bit to the left.<br/><br/>You can either just kill the first one and use a bell to reset fast or walk to the other guy then reset with a bell.<br/><br/>They drop about 2,000 gold so you can buy more bells than you are using.

                • Anonymous

                  Here's a place he's at25 May 2016 00:24  

                  In heagers cave he is at the very end of the cave when your run into the cave guardians(anglerfish guys) you need the hard light brand to reach him though <br/>This I think is a early place to find him

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